treatment approach

My treatment approach encourages the free-flow expression of thoughts, feelings, and dreams which are listened to and interpreted from session to session. Practical evocative interpretations help patients link their associations, thoughts, and feelings in meaningful and collaborative ways which in turn help them repair current life challenges and long-standing issues over time. The results are transformational. 

With compassion and understanding, individuals are empowered to find their own unique relationship, understanding, and resolution to a wide range of personal concerns and psychological issues.  A spectrum of techniques are employed with traditional and current psychoanalytic thinking at the core. Psychotherapy leads to insight and an expanded capacity for ongoing creative and independent thinking, necessary for love and intimacy, satisfaction, and fulfillment throughout one's life. This approach is not only applicable to individual adults but also to couples and new parents with their newborn infants.

Whether you are depressed, anxious, or having problems in relationships, coping with illness, loss, or finding yourself uninspired professionally, you can get help and have your life work. Whether you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging or painful situation or you're ready to expand into new uncharted directions in your life, we will work thoughtfully together to achieve your goals.