In addition to being a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Mrs. Flicker-Grossman has presented at conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topic of breast cancer, BRCA, and their impact on family-life and communities. In May 2011 she and Dr. Jay Grossman were recipients of the 13th Annual "Tribute To The Human Spirit" Award through the Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center.

As the Vice-President of Homeless Not Toothless, a non-profit organization, Mrs. Flicker-Grossman is also committed to raising the pride and dignity of the homeless, with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness. In September 2009 she co-hosted a gala for Homeless Not Toothless to raise awareness and funding for her newest project, a clinic that offers dental treatment to the 28,000 children placed in foster care in the Los Angeles area.

Mrs. Flicker-Grossman is also an active member of Doctors Who care, a group of doctors, committed to providing the highest level of care to patients. She was featured with this group in Los Angeles Magazine's January 2010 issue of top doctors in Los Angeles.